Sheika Sambuudorj, Mongolian Church Planter

My testimony
How did I find Jesus? Why did I choose God? If I didn`t follow Him whom I follow now? This is question I asking me Today. Because year of 1991 November I heard about how Jesus saves me and how he changed whole my life. I never hear about Jesus before that. I was hopeless and no one. I did not have bright future. Who was I?
1970s and 1980s Communism taking very last breath. I was young teenager committed my young age to my Communist leaders and trusted them full potential. Propaganda was there`s best political system in our world the Communism and we will reach Communism very soon and then our life will be paradise. There is no any God, only your real is Communist leaders. Just like book “1984” written by George Orwell. But one day everything upside down early 1990. Everything was true yesterday but today lie and fake today. Many young people disappointed for that and we lost our future and hope. What I am going to do for and live for?

I left school and started to drinking and joined some bad boys in street.
Also during communist time listen western music was closed for us. But I started to listen rock music and very soon went to very deep and one day I became satanic music listener and addicted more hard, heavy rock music. It was very hard to find western music cassettes, phonorecords, When I used to listen my rock music I was feel I am not alone and full my heart joy I thought. My favorite band was Queen, Beatles, ACDC, Deep purple and K.I.S.S. Listening rock music was giving me power rebelling against parents and teachers.
When I became Christian 1991, first two years was very hard for to leave my rock music listen. But slow by slow God removed and put his music in my heart and God told me my son I know you and this music is not good for you but I give you better music. That is worship music.
November of 1991 my life started to change. I heard one of heavy metal rock band from Holland visiting my town for their concert. I went there, I liked it was first time in my life western rock band`s concert. Then I was muddy and was very enjoy, it was just first time western live loud rock music to me and I couldn`t believe it. It was unbelievable for me. End of concert lead vocalist shared gospel and his testimony. His name was David band name was “No Longer Music”. http://www.steiger.org/bases-ministries/no-longer-music He shared his testimony about he was gangster and used use drugs. Then his testimony touched my heart and I wanted to know about who is Jesus changed his life. In the concert some young people gave to people small tracks about who is Jesus, who created whole universe and brand new Mongolian new testament. After concert I went to my home and started to read tracks and new testament, it was very interesting and I thought I found what I looking and answer for one my all questions in all my life. http://www.steiger.org/news/138-international-newsletter-november Since I knew life I was afraid to die all the time. During communist time every one used to teach us after die no life and there is not no God, our God is Lenin, Stalin and our Mongolia leaders. I trusted them and reading their books, memories their statements and respect them.
But I found out there is God and he loves me and he created all universe, also after we die go before him and he will judge us. If I believe him I will be saved.
Wow there is hope, bright future and love for me. I am so excited and asked me what will I do? I did not know go to church and join Christian groups because no one tell me about need to go to church. Also in my town there is no any church. After few months I heard some Christians visiting my town and they started to meet every Saturday in hotel room. Someone invited me to come and I went there. First man hugged me and I felt very strong love of God and during worship I felt strong presence of God. The preaching time I heard first time in my life about confess and repent my sin and receive his fogginess. I just surrounded him and met Jesus again. That day I committed my life to Jesus believe him and follow him. That was February 29 of 1992 Saturday first time I went to the church.
We used to meet every Saturday 2 pm and finish 7 or 9 pm. My church is first church in town and 4th or 5th church in Mongolia. First one year some American, Australian and British missionaries helped us establish church and disciple me. Once a three months we used to go to Ulaanbaatar(capital of Mongolia 7 hours by train) for learn about bible and preach the word of God a missionary from England.
Every summer young people finish their high school and used go to Ulaanbaatar for college and university. But most of them lost. But God showed us start new church for them in Ulaanbaatar which capitol of Mongolia. We started Christian fellowship church 1998 april in Ulaanbaatar and I moved to Ulaanbaatar for take care of this church with some leaders after I married my wife back 2000.
I met my wife at the church 1995 in my home town which heard Jesus and saved called Darkhan.
Last 26 years I served God and gave my heart, and my life to Him. I promised God when I was new Christian I will never leave your church and I will never late or missing your Sunday service. I was keeping this promise last 27 years. God gave me talent in music, so I started worship leader sooner and trained some young musicians, and vocalist even I am not professional.

I had question asking God fews now, what is best way to reach out more people and I prayed to God and asked him. What is best way to reach more people share good news. Because today it`s looks like people not exciting hear about Jesus. 90s in my early Christian life when we heard gospel I so excited l other people too. But now not. I was disappointed that for share good news. I was asking and asking again.
But showed me Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, the harvest is plentiful but the workers few. God showed me hey my son harvest nor problem. Problem is workers and if workers few and can`t see harvest is problem to you. I just shocked than I said to God I wanna be one of few workers. Now I believe harvest is plentiful all over the world in Mongolia, USA and Muslim countries too.

I attended ministry school named “Asian Access” teaching and encouraging pastors for church planting between 2013-2015. End of this school one of good friend of mine and my church member Bataa who is head of Mongolian Campus Crusade for Christ talk to me about, hey pastor Sheika there is no any church one district Zaisan. How about you considering about and pray. After that I talk to some pastors and they said some pastors and missionaries tried to start church over there but failed. When I heard it my wife and I started pray. God started to show me confirmations.
I believe God for his confirmation. Because after I done my ministry school for church planting and my friend Bataa shared his idea plant new church in Zaisan, Ulaanbaatar.

Last January I visited in Washington State for meeting with board of Illyricum Movement and starting Witness Mongolia. My friend and president of Illyricum Movement and Witness Mongolia pastor Daryl showed me that new Witness Mongolia website and picture behind website was Zaisan. I asked Daryl how did you know I planting first church in this area, did I share you it? He said no I did not know that. That was one of big confirmation to me.
Right now in this area only one church and this church not planted over there, moved to this area for reach more people and enlarge his Kingdom over there.
Thank God for his confirmations and without it can`t go forth and no fruits. This confirmation of God fill my heart and pushing me apply this great vision for my country he gave.
I already gave my current church Christian Fellowship Church in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia which we planted and pastoring last 19 years since April 1998 to next young pastor Zolo.
Our first church planting project starting from October 2017 in Zaisan district in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Our first service will start October 01 Sunday morning and I will post pictures of opening in this website and Witness Mongolia face book group.
Please pray for our journey full of his wisdom and guides of Holy Spirit. Also pray devil does not destroy my vision and discourage my passion.