City vision church



2019 has been an establishing year and has shown good growth for City Vision Church.  In May and September we had out of town Marriage Retreat for 3 days and 2 nights two times. We originally had only planned to have one in May, but at that time our dear friends Howard and Debbie Foreman who had spoken at that MR had decided to financially sponsor the event. It was very fruitful! Because the May 2019 MR was so successful, there were some couples who missed it and those who heard from Facebook and saw pictures who asked us do another MR event for them. God caused them to hunger for understanding principles for having a biblical marriage; hallelujah! There were 10 couples, 6 were made up of non-Christians while the remaining four were already Christian. The non-Christian couples got to hear the Gospel of Jesus and learned Biblical marriage principles. After the MR we have continued  very good relationships with them. Many of the non-Christians even love to attend City Vision!  Another testimony is from my gym friend Lkhagva who attended Alpha Course last spring. He brought his wife for  our summer camp in July, which was led by our dear friend Pastor Alvin and his wife Celia from Evangel Christian Church, Singapore. Lkhagva and his wife came up to the altar call and decided to follow Christ. After this he and his wife were very excited to attend our MR and to know God more.

Our first church – City Vision – was planted by Witness Mongolia. Today in Mongolia there are 350 cities and small towns; the biggest city is Ulaanbaatar, which is home to 1.3 million. After that there are 21 cities with population sizes between 40,000-70,000, and the rest of them are under 10,000.

City Vision was planted in February of 2018 in the southern part of Ulaanbaatar. Now on every Sunday there are 30 adults and 40 young children gathering there, worshiping God together. In the last 2years  we shared the good news to 70-100 people, and 15-20 of them love to attend Sunday church and some church events during the week. About 20 people made the decision to believe in Jesus. 10 of them adults were baptized in the summer, and then in December, a very brave men decided to be baptized in the frozen and icy river!

For new church planting, the plan is for Witness Mongolia to join the Global Church Planting Network in order to train church planters  and send them out. God is showing us to train them and mentor them  spiritually and financially. We will start our one year church planters training in March 2020 and plant our next churches in end  of 2020.