Hello Everyone in Christ,

I believe we have received signs from God to encourage us to go further in our ministry. A few weeks ago for the first time in our Christian history, the Mongolian government gave us Christians permission to organize and meet together to worship the Lord and pray in main square of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. So the whole body of Christ in Mongolia worshipped and prayed together for our nation. I believe this is a good sign for our new ministry and the new church and that God is opening heaven for His Glory in this nation. We estimate that over 3,000 people gathered together in the center square. Of course non-believers carefully watched us and I am hoping God put something in their hearts.

After this big event, another big community met together. Over 250 Mongolian pastors and leaders gathered together for 3 days to envision the future of the Mongolian church. Our church vision is to reach out as a nation like we did in the 13th-16th centuries when Mongolia conquered half of the world. That political empire overcame the Middle East, West and Central Asia and China.  So still in those places many people left who were Mongol tribes and group of Mongolians.  Except our vision is instead of empire building we would be Kingdom building for Our Lord.

Today and since 1990 when Communism fell, the Mongolian population is only about 2% Christians. While this is a big number and shows revival to us, we feel that now God wants to go beyond this number and wants His good news to spread out even more. Our short-term vision is that we planning to reach out to 10% of Mongolians by 2020. We call it “vision of 20/10.” Now we only have 3 years left to accomplish this big vision. This conference encouraged us to work hard these next few years and I believe that church-planting here will contribute to the vision.  I hope you share that vision and can participate.  Contact me to learn how.

I am so thankful to you our supporters for everything you do and for sharing this work in my great country.

Praise the Lord!

Sheika Sambuudorj, Director of Church Planting, WitnessMongolia

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