Men’s ministry

Men's ministry


This type of retreat was organized again for a third time, 200 miles away from town in the countryside. 120 men of God came from over 10 different churches nationwide. This was a very valuable time for all of these men. Equipping, encouraging and sharing with each other’s own experiences. In the morning we had worship, devotion and prayer, and then in the afternoon we baptized 4 new men in the frozen, icy river. Praise God that my good friend Lhkagva (from my gym who was saved during the July church camp) was one of the men baptized in that icy water. After that, all of the men swam in that freezing river…keep in mind that the outside temperatures were -15F every day! It was very challenging. But what a wonderful retreat it was! Hallelujah, may our God raise up more men in this land, and send us everywhere we need to go.

Our Men’s ministry is an intentional attempt to bring men to God so they can make their way to God’s eternal kingdom. We concentrate on the male to better define and minister to the specific needs of the gender. By highlighting the roles of men, we can touch on and improve the lives of men in ways that no other ministry can.

Every December some Mongolian churches and men’s ministries unite for a Winter Men’s Retreat to challenge ourselves and for a time of deepening our faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a good opportunity to get to know one another, talk about our failures in life and how to solve these issues, and how to apply the Holy Spirit in our relationships.

In December of 2017, 50 men from 10 different churches gathered, worshiped, heard what God wants from each of us, and we baptized new Christian men. And because in our culture we eat lots of meat during the hash, cold, long winter, we feasted on mutton, beef, horse and marmots. In December of 2018, we had at the City Vision Church Winter Men’s Retreat a very new Christian man named Baterdene (who once was a strong Buddist and Shaman) get baptized. And most recently at the 2019 December Winter Men’s Retreat, another new Christian man named Lkhagva was baptized.