Hello Everyone in Christ,

Greeting from Mongolia, here is getting cold with snow as usual but in our heart God’s revival getting stronger like a fire!

This is very new season to me and my family. Because last 19 years I was very comfortable in my current church named Christian Fellowship. This church is already self-sufficient and spiritually mature enough. No one really wants to leave their home church. So now I can imagine and feel how hard it was to father Abraham. Because firstly God called him to new land and never seen before.  Secondly, he was too old could not make the child.  But God showed him stars and sand and then God said count it all because I want to give you a son and your descendants will be like that.

But good thing that Abraham believed it. For me I have gone through many miracles and wonders and know how God keeps His promise. Even though I need faith for out of the my comfort zone.  Most difficult thing was to say goodbye to my current church and start total new beginning. But same time I am soooo excited for my ministry planting churches and spread out good news and enlarge His great kingdom. That way many people know the Lord and find truth in their life.

I believe I have received signs from God for this, because he did confirm to show His words and gave us encouragement to go further. Last Sunday in our Christian history is the first time the Mongolian government gave us permission to organize and meet together as Christians to worship the Lord and pray in the main square of Ulaanbaatar. The whole body of Christ in Mongolia worshipped and prayed together for our nation and so for many other things. I believe it is a good sign for our new ministry and new church. God is opening the heavens for His Glory in this nation when over 3,000 people worshipped together in center square. Of course, non-believers carefully watched us and we are hoping that God put something in their hearts.

Last two weeks our new church fellowship meeting in Zaisan started from October 01 and we met 2 Sundays already. We have been preparing and fellowshipping and getting to know each other well before we start a new work.  So mainly we did praise and worship together asking His favor upon us and studying His words.

We are seeking His face and enquiring of the Lord together for the new church in Zaisan. We are asking God that He can reveal to us strongholds of that place, and show us how to open the spiritual gate of Zaisan district. In the next few weeks we will continue to do our prayer walks in Zaisan.  Look for His words to us in a future blog post.

Regarding our church work in Zaisan, in November we will rent a hotel room and invite more people to fellowship with us. Until then we are meeting in my home as a home group. So far there are 6 of us meeting regularly and planning how to reach our loved people and how to share the good news with faith.

I and my family are so thankful to God for this big opportunity to start our new vision. At the same time, we appreciate our brothers and sisters who give their love, support and faithfully prayers! We especially want to express our thankful heart to pastor Daryl and his family who inspired and passed to us our God’s heart and vision. Without your support and encouragement, direction it would be difficult for us to reach our goals.

God is good all the time!

Sheika Sambuudorj, Director of Church Planting, WitnessMongolia

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