GREETINGS FROM WITNESS MONGOLIA (a church planting ministry in Mongolia)! We are excited to share with you about our ministry! We would like to offer you the opportunity to become part of our mission to share the Gospel with the people of Mongolia – from Buddhists, to Shamanists, and even Communist Atheists.

For the past 30 years, God has been doing great things in this country. Before 1990, there were no Christians, no church, and no Bibles available. This was because since 1921, Mongolia was a communist country. But after the Communist Iron Curtain failure of 1990, the very first missionaries came to Mongolia to share the good news of Jesus Christ, and the Gospel began to spread all across the country. In these last 30 years, God has been working mightily, moving His Holy Spirit throughout the region and changing so many lives.

The church in Mongolia has seen spectacular growth since 1990 when the country moved from communism to a democratic form of government. At that time there were only four known Christians in the nation of 3 million. By 2005 the number of believers had increased to nearly 24,000, and a decade later it reached 50,000, with new believers gathering in some 700 churches; 400 in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and 300 in the provinces between 1990-2020. Today the growth continues. Mongolia has the eighth-fastest growing church in the world, although Operation World indicates that evangelicals still represent only about 2 percent of the population.

Before 1921 the Qing Dynasty (the Chinese emperor) maintained control of Mongolia. Many western top scientists and tourists who visited the country predicted that after 50-100 years the nation of Mongolia would be “literally erased from the face of the earth.” But God had different plans for us and He did not allow Mongolia to be “erased” from the earth. I believe His wonderful plan was to send us people from other nations to change many lives and to grow His kingdom in order to glorify His name.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the introduction to our ministry. I hope that you will decide to be part of our ministry and will pray for us, giving us encouragement to continue serving Him.