Hello fellow followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

These last 4 weeks we have been meeting as a home church in a living room in Zaisan.  We share our testimonies and lives with each other and are very thankful that God gives us such wonderful people. It is a beautiful time as we simply listen to each other. One of our young members is Zaya who is talented for worshipping with music and also composes worship songs. I’ve included a picture of Zaya with this blog post.  She speaks English well and completed YWAM training in Europe. Many years ago I shared good news with Zaya’s mom and also have spent the last few years discipling her mom. They live in the countryside in Khuvsgul (15 hour drive from UB). When I started with her mom, I did not imagine after 12 years her daughter would be our new church member. God is Great!

So, for the 6 starting members of our new church, Haka and I have known them individually last many years but in the last 4 weeks we are knowing each other very well. My 2 boys joined with us in our church last Sunday with Tengisee playing percussion while I lead worship. That way we are practically teaching our children how to serve the Lord no matter in small and big church.

I hope this blog post finds you all well.  I’ll say it again:  God is Great!

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